The Flower Market

Thursday, January 29, 2015

At the weekend Dave and I headed up to Columbia Road Flower Market. It was super busy, but such a lovely day out. There was music, flowers, cake and coffee shops and so many pretty colours! I love finding new places to go in London and have a nose about. It's right next to Shoreditch, the home of Bansky graffiti and beautiful little quirky cafes, but we didn't have much time to explore it. We will definitely be heading back East in the near future.

This is one of the places in London i would not recommend taking your children or babies to though. It really was super super busy and I would not feel at all confident keeping an eye on Alice running about as well as pushing a buggy through the crowded market. Best to keep this as a Sunday date!



  1. Posts like this make me wish I lived in a beautiful place like London!


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