Things to do in London: Natural History Museum

Monday, January 12, 2015

South Kensington is one of our favourite places to go. Aside from being only a 20 minute tube ride from Wimbledon station, it's full of fun places to visit with young children. And lots of free places too! The Natural History Museum is our favourite, mainly because it is full of dinosaurs! Alice is obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment. She loves staring at all the bones and telling us how big they all are.

Entry is of course free. But be warned, it gets very busy on a weekend, so it's best to try to make it a weekday trip if you can. There are so many sections to visit, but to be honest, the two places you really need to see are the dinosaurs and the bugs!

South Kensington is also home to the V&A museum, the Science museum (bursting with activities for kids) and a few of our favourite bakeries, including the Hummingbird Bakery.

As always, here's a few more pics. Thomas was with us, but he slept for pretty much the entire trip (I know, amazing! Haha!).



  1. Great pictures. I love visiting the Natural History museum. x

  2. Lovely post i have to visit with my little son four month to explore it before falling a sleep as he doing all the time when we going out


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