A Crazy, Long, Never-Ending Afternoon!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Oh GOD! Yesterday afternoon was just one of those afternoons that never seemed to end! I think it was because we literally crammed an entire day worth of activities in the morning so by the time it got to the afternoon, time just sort of crept by really slowly! It was sunny all morning and raining all afternoon, which didn't really help. By about 2.30pm I was literally pulling my hair out!! Argh!

Thomas has been up for the past few nights (have a mentioned that a few times?!) thanks to his teeth so I've been surviving on coffee. But this afternoon was just... long. And then, we got a delivery from Mamas and Papas. It's the little inflatable chair thingy in the picture above. Suddenly there was a new toy to entertain both of them and the afternoon didn't seem so bad. I got to sit down and have a coffee, and the kids were happy to play again.

I also managed to capture these shots of Alice actually being nice to Thomas as opposed to trying to push him out the way, as she usually does!



  1. We all have days like that (I'm having one today in fact!)

    Your photos are gorgeous. The mamas and papa's seat thingy is genius. Thomas looks like he's in a throne!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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