Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Look at that tooth! So cute!!!

Thomas has been teething since he turned 2 months old! Eek. That means that he has never actually slept through the night. He wakes about 4 times a night. Once at 9.30pm for his last feed and then about 3 more times through the night, more if his teeth are really playing up. So Dave and I have had pretty much no sleep for 6 months. However, now the weather is cheering up, it's not really so awful. I always find that getting out in the sun first thing and a strong coffee helps to start the day off on the right foot, no matter how much I've been up the night before.

Thomas has one full tooth through and 3 breaking through at the same time! It seems to have escalated pretty rapidly over the last week or so. It's so crazy that he is already 6 months and getting teeth. The second baby just seems to grow up even faster than the first!

Talking of the first, Alice is now pretty much potty trained, talking non stop and starting nursery in a few months. What!? When did she get so grown up all of a sudden! I have to say, I was a b emotional at her third birthday party. I just can't believe it's been 3 years since I had her. 3 just seems so big to me!

This will be the last year (or half a year) that I have both children at home with me full time. As from September, Alice will be in nursery and Thomas will be in some sort of childcare. My time as a full time stay at home mum is coming to an end. It's both for financial reasons (house prices in London are mental, even on Dave's wage we can't get a mortgage for over 300k, which wont buy us much!) and because I think it's the right time to get back into my career.

Anyway. Everything here has been pretty quiet recently, hence the lack of posting. We are just sort of living and getting through the first year with Thomas. And to those who miss my YouTube videos, I do apologise. Life is just... hectic with two little ones. And I am considering starting to tone down my online presence. Blogging and YouTubbing is fun, but it's a journey that I wont be doing forever. This may very well be the last year for this too!



  1. I have to say I'm very sad to hear that you are thinking of giving up blogging/vlogging. It would be nice if you could carry on, even if it's just once a week... I've followed you for a while now and have loved catching up with the goings on in your life. You're pretty much the only fellow mummy blogger I follow religiously :(
    I understand about the prices of living in London though, we'll never get a mortgage if I don't go back to work and Martyn's wage isn't bad really but with a monthly rent of over £1k it's becoming more and more difficult. We have even considered moving to wales to have a fighting chance of a better lifestyle money-wise.. Martyn's company has an office there so his wage would pretty much remain the same but with much cheaper living costs. Not sure I could leave my family for that far away though :-/
    I hope you manage to find something that's right for you as it's hard to juggle childcare, working as well as being a mum. Make sure you stay in touch :) xx



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