Strawberry Picking

Sunday, June 07, 2015

 We do this every single year! It has sort of become a June tradition in our family to go strawberry picking. It's just such a fun, simple family day out and Alice loves picking the strawberries and filling up her little basket. It was so warm on this day so I just took our little camera to snap a few shots. I am beginning to realise that not every single photo I take has to be "perfect". It's more important to me that these memories are captured because in a few months time I'll look back and be shocked at how much they have grown!

If you're wondering where we went, it's Crockford Bridge Farm in Weybridge!

Oh, and there's a little vlog at the end of the post too! xx


  1. It looks to me like Alice has grown so much in these photos (Thomas too). She looks like a young lady - oh so cute! Looks like your family had a great day! Thanks for sharing.


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