Time... and all that malarkey...

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yesterday, Alice rode a bike for the first time. All be it she was mainly being pushed by her daddy, but still. She looked so unbelievably grown up. In fact, every day that passes she seems a little bigger... she's going up right in front of my eyes.

Only a couple of weeks ago she needed me to sit in her ballet class with her because she was too nervous to be without me for even a half an hour. Now, she practically pushes me out the door to sit with the other mums in the "mum corridor". We all sit there, listening to the muffled twinkly piano music coming through the door and all stare at our phones/magazines pretending we are totally cool about our children being independent next door. I'm fairly sure I'm not the only one sitting there wondering where my little baby went! (Right?!)

And Thomas. He slept all night long last night. And I was actually quite upset about it! He is growing WAY too fast. But I think the first year goes by in the blink of an eye anyway. A blur of exhaustion, sterilising bottles, bringing up burps at all hours of the day and night and cleaning up little messes.

In 2 months he will be a year old.

Time is just ticking by and we find that now we have Thomas, we are so much more present in the moment with our kids. Far less inclined to wish away this "awkward stage" or to fast forward to when he's sleeping through and she's in school... Because we know it will all be gone too soon. And we'll miss it so much.

Yes, it's hard. Yes, I wish they would just sleep all night long every single night and not get sick, and learn to just use the toilet properly and not throw tantrums in Sainsbury's. But they are my kids, and I love them. And I hope they never change. Or at least... not too quickly :)



  1. This was lovely to read :) I watch your vlogs too, I love how 'real' you are if that makes sense.


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