Wednesday, July 01, 2015

When I was pregnant with Alice, we were in complete denial of how much our lives would actually change. We kind of thought it would stay the same, but we would have a baby too... how wrong we were. Life was turned upside down and we slowly began to realise that it would never be as it once was again. And it was hard. Really hard. There were times when we thought we wouldn't stay together, times when we both just wanted to run away and hide from all this new, scary responsibility and times when we were just so happy and thankful for everything. 

Slowly, over time, those moments of happiness and thankfulness grew and outweighed the bad times. And then we had Thomas. And suddenly, our family felt more complete. We totally embraced the chaos that came with having a new born and a toddler instead of fighting it all. Getting up in the night was easier, we were both a lot calmer with the children, and life has just all fallen into place. 

Parenting is a journey. And what I have learned is that, a family is not just created by giving birth. It's something that builds, and grows and has to be nurtured and embraced. And it's seriously the best feeling in the world. But it doesn't just... appear like that. 

If I could go back in time, to before I had Alice I would tell myself to prepare properly. To relax, to stop trying to hang onto the past and to live more in the moment. Because it all passes so quickly and that's the worst thing about having children. To feel like time is just... slipping through your fingers forever. 

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time?! xx


  1. Hi! Your post is just what I needed to hear right now. Having one of those days where everything seems a little gloomy and you worry things aren't going to get better even though I know they will.
    My little girl is 9 months (also called Alice ^__^) and if I could go back in time I would tell myself being a parent is bloody hard work, there isn't a point where it will just be easy but that doesn't mean it's not worth every second.
    I would also tell myself to sleep more when I can because I am a terrible person without sleep!

  2. Aw your first is always the scariest. When I was pregnant with Sienna, she was a complete surprise, not planned at all and Warren completely freaked out. We used to argue ALL the time when I was pregnant, I was constantly in tears, he was saying our lives were over and I felt like he was going to hate me forever for having his baby. I seriously thought we'd split up but as soon as she was born, he just got it and has really surprised me with how he'd taken to daddyhood! I wish I could go back and tell myself not to worry, it will all work out! xx


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