Family Day

Sunday, August 16, 2015

We have been so rubbish recently with family time. I think life has just... gotten in the way! We've been tidying, working on projects, shopping... and just not spending quality time together. This weekend we decided things had to change, so we headed out to Bushy Park in Kingston to have some fun!

It's amazing how happy children suddenly become when you actually spend quality time playing with them! They were both so excited and happy to have mum and dad totally focussed on them, and we also pretty shattered when we got back (giving us some quality time to have a cup of tea!). So here's to more family days out, where we put our children first and stop taking our fun, busy, crazy life for granted. Because it really is too short...


Alice is SO not happy about sitting next to her brother! Haha! 



  1. that's very true. Time goes by so fast, you blink and they are in college! These times, when they are little are the times to make memorries! :)

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