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Friday, September 04, 2015

Read on. Get on.

I love reading to my children. The stories I like best, are the ones that are full of imaginative characters and adventures. I love doing all the silly voices and acting them out as Alice and Thomas get so excited! Throughout my own childhood, reading was a way to escape from the world. I remember reading under the covers with a torch, often unable to resist finishing off that last chapter! In a world full of technology, I really hope I can encourage my children to love reading as I would hate for them to miss out on something so wonderful!

Since June 2014, Costa have been training reading volunteers to provide one on one help to primary school children. This is in support of Save the Children's read on, Get on scheme which aims to ensure that by 2025 every child is a confident reader by age 11. Costa have helped over 300 children to improve their reading skills by holding weekly reading sessions in schools.

I feel hugely supportive of this campaign, as reading really is something I love to do and I can't imagine missing out on the joy of diving into a good book and getting lost for hours in the story and characters.

Do you read to your children? Let me know your favourite books!



  1. yeah i luv to read to my son form the begining and he enjoying holding books and turn the pages and make lovely voices by now (age 11 month old) its fabulas

    1. It really is, isn't it!? My 1 year old is already so intrigued by books and loves all the pictures! xx

  2. I used to read a book to my girls every single night. I haven't done it for a while now because I become so stressed in the evenings. I feel drained. But I really need to get back into it xxx

    1. Oh I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes I just want them to go to sleep too! But I'm definitely trying to make more time for bedtime reading as they really do love it and I feel so good after I've read them a story! xx

  3. Aiden loves books! We have to have a story every night before bed and he likes to "read" to himself during the day as well. We've recently started going to the library every few weeks so he can pick new ones to read (despite having loads we haven't read in the house!). He loves going and gets very excited. His nursery let's them borrow once a week too, so he always has new ones to engage with.
    Favourites will always be the gruffalo and the gruffalos child, the dinosaur that pooed... series and the aliens/pirates love underpants books! Xx


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