Autumn in the Park

Friday, October 16, 2015

Prepare yourself for a million photos. I LOVE AUTUMN!!! Seriously, it is my favourite time of year. Especially on days like this when it's sunny, not too cold but chilly enough to justify hot chocolates and cosy jumpers! I can't get enough of photographing all the pretty leaves and colours about. We really do tend to get out a lot more in this weather, I think it's just perfect for the children as they can run about like mad without getting too hot or too cold. 

And god its just so pretty! Lots more photos below... 

 Dave will hate me for this one, but I love the background! 
 Didn't quite catch the jump... Haha!

 Failed attempt at throwing leave like confetti.. hey! 

 My favourite photo! haha! 



  1. It's my favourite time of year too! Lovely pictures. You can't beat Autumn!

  2. WOW, reallly lovely and cute. Why you don't bike with your baby ?


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