A New Bedroom in a New House!

Friday, January 08, 2016

I am so incredibly excited about our new house! It's been so crazy and chaotic, and just plain stressful. But finally, we've signed on the dotted line and it's time to start moving in and thinking about decorating. The first room we decorated when we moved to our current house, was Alice's bedroom. I felt it was really important to give her a beautiful room she could settle into and wake up feeling happy in.

My main inspiration came from pinterest. I could spend days re-pinning all the beautiful pictures of perfect toddler bedrooms, I really could!

I'm literally so excited at the prospect of designing a new bedroom for her I can hardly wait. The good thing about our new house, is that it has 3 bedrooms, so I have two nurseries to decorate, one for a boy and one for a girl. So I have been eagerly searching the web for any bedroom decorating ideas I can find! I love chalk board walls. This was the first wall I painted in Alice's room and has become such a lovely feature, especially as she can now draw little people and write a few letters! (Though sometimes her people look a little... scary and I end up washing them off before bed just to keep nightmares at bay! Haha!).

I also love displaying all her art work on the walls. I think displaying our own children's art work is a fantastic way of A. saving money on expensive pictures and B. making the room their own and making them feel proud of their work.

But of course, I am massively guilty of getting carried away and have pretty much bought everything I can find for children's bedrooms in the January sales! I will be sure to share lots and lots of pictures of their new bedrooms once we are all moved in!

Exciting times ahead :)


*This post was in collaboration with the wonderful homify. All opinions in this post are my own. 


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