She's Growing Up!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I feel like it's been ages since I've done an update on Alice! She has really grown up recently. In fact, I look back at pictures from 3 months ago and barely recognise the girl in them! I think a lot of it has been to do with going to nursery.

We didn't have the easiest time of it at nursery. I think Alice is just... too nice sometimes. We had a little incident with a couple of other girls who pushed Alice and told her she couldn't play with them anymore. Alice didn't tell anyone, not her teacher, not even me! She just started complaining about not wanting to go anymore and pretending to have a tummy ache every morning and be fine by lunch.  We soon got it out of her and it honestly broke my heart to hear her get so upset. But, we sorted it out. And Alice knows now to tell the teacher if anyone is mean to her. I think it's just something every child has to learn. It's just so hard to take when it's your own child!

After that little hiccup, nursery has been so good for her. She knows her letters and numbers, can write her name and brings home the most imaginative drawings (mummy flying on a gorilla over London... ok Alice. If you say so!). She loves sitting down and doing activities, something which I used to really struggle with before. And she actually listens to stories now. And wants to know what words say and to read them to me. She's always been quite a practical child, always choosing a trip in the park over arts and crafts. But now she will quite happily sit down and paint, and that's pretty good news for me! 

The best thing about Alice, is that she's hilarious! Honestly, it's not biased (well... maybe it is... I don't know) but she's so funny. And very very dramatic too! She often tries to get out of tidying up because she "broke her leg" or her arm, or her foot. I mean, how can you not laugh when your 3 year old tells you, with a straight face, "I can't tidy my toys today mummy cos I broke my leg." Haha!

She also has recently learned to say "Oh my god." Ok, so it's not the best thing for her to pick up from me (Hey, at least it wasn't f**k, right?), but my goodness it's hilarious. "Oh my god mum! I can't find my Elsa doll, oh my god!"

Alice. I love you. Please don't change. And... stop growing so fast!!



  1. This post made me laugh so much!!! The other day, our youngest said 'oh heck' I nearly died! Needless to say, her dad wasnt impressed!! xx

    1. Haha! They say the funniest things, I honestly didn't realise just how much Alice was picking up! xx

    2. When they're Alices age they are literally like sponges I swear!! xx


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