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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


It's all getting a bit real now. As Thomas gets older (every day it seems!) he and Alice are slowly but surely starting to play together, interact with one another and generally cause a joint mess about the house! I find that I am able to give Thomas things that Alice can have now, which is amazing. His face lights up when a plate of nutella on toast turns up for him and Alice to tuck into together! The other day I even bought him a little CBeebies magazine and Alice a Frozen one, and he was just so thrilled to be given something that Alice usually gets! It also kept him amused for ages, which is always a bonus as he is a little bit of hard work these days!

I snapped these pictures of them both last Sunday afternoon and they were just too lovely not to share! Enjoy!


  1. I love how Thomas is just slouching around!! Cracks me up! xx

    1. I know! He's just like a mini teenager! haha! xx

  2. These are lovely shots, especially the first one! Little G has the same dress too, so snuggly! #SiblingsProject

    1. Ah thank you. Yes, I do love her cosy dress :) xx

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