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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Taking Care of Myself

If there is one new years resolution I am making, it's to take better care of myself. I am massively guilty of giving everything to my children, all my time, money... and leaving nothing for myself! I think the thing I'd like to do most, is have more me time! Now that Thomas is a little older, and sleeping better at night time, it's easier to find that time. It's just making use of it that's the problem.

Come 7pm, I'm always cooking or cleaning, or washing, or getting Alice's uniform ready. I need to step back from the chores and spend some time looking after myself. Reading a book, having a bath, watching Tv. Something, anything!

I also want to eat better and stop snacking on biscuits and sweets in the day. All in all, I really want to take care of myself a little more. I'm hoping his will help me to feel more... in control of things and less stressed all the time. I mean. Everyone needs a little time for themselves right?



  1. I definitely agree! It's not always easy to take care of yourself though. :) xx

    1. Oh I know, it really is! I literally let my hair get to the point where it's sticking to my forehead. But I'm going to really try this year... really, I am! Hehe! xx

  2. My new years resolution is exactly the same - so hard between looking after the babbas, running a business and keeping a marriage going. I'm going to start exercising (Daf is running the bloody marathon!) and also start reading more x

    1. It really is! They always come first... which you know, is right. But I just don't utilise my free time at all. And yes, I want to start reading more. But... maybe I'll start with magazines first :) xx


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