The Ordinary Moments- Pots and Pans

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Now that we have moved to a bigger house, we have actual cupboards in out kitchen. Where we can put actual pots and pans. So obviously, this is big news for our kids who have had great fun taking out every single blooming pot and pretending to cook/ throwing them all about the place!

I have to say, it keeps them amused for at least 20 minutes when Alice gets back from nursery, which is just long enough for me to eat lunch and drink a quick cup of coffee. So I'm all for it! Haha! I mean, look at their little faces. It's like they've never seen these strange objects before. Or a cupboard!

They are really enjoying their new space to run about in. Thomas is hilarious, riding all around the house on his little fire engine and running from room to room excitedly! I can't wait to use our new garden in the summer now!


  1. Haha poor deprived little people, never having seen a cupboard before. ;) Only joking, the new house looks lovely and i hope you are all settled now. 'Luckily' I have never had children who have wanted to get all the stuff out the cupboards, so we have never bothered with door locks or anything like that. But my step nephew is cupboard crazy and a few friends with boys have told me that it is something little boys like to do. ;) So I think we will definitely be investing in cupboard locks over the next year! ;) x


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