Coco pop and Sprinkles Pancakes

Monday, February 08, 2016

If you always end up making the same old pancakes with a squeeze of Lemon and sprinkle of sugar, then I have a couple of super easy ideas to mix up your pancake day this Tuesday!

So the first one is our Sprinkle Pancake. The mix is pretty standard:

250g Self Raising flour
200ml Milk
2 eggs
1 Tablespoon caster sugar

Then you just add some sprinkles to your mix to create a nice rainbow effect on your pancake. Alice decorated hers wit some pink icing and marshmallows!

The second is the same mix as above, but with a spoon of cocoa powder added as well as a handful of coco pops for a little crunch! We decorated them with some more cocoa pops, honey and marshmallows!

I'm a big believer in just throwing stuff in to pancakes and seeing how the work. I love mashing up banana and adding it into the mix. Or how about a handful of toasted almond flakes topped with some almond butter for a nutty pancake?

Let me know if you have any pancake tips or tricks!


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