Dear Thomas- 18 months

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Dear Thomas,

You are so big now it's scary! I thought you would stay a baby forever, but alas you are now 18 months old and it's time for you to start throwing tantrums, getting up to no good and wanting to do things alone. But that's ok, because you still sleep with a dummy and wake up calling for mummy in the mornings!

I love our mornings together while Alice is at nursery. it's the only time I get alone with you and we play and bake and prepare lunch for when Alice gets home together. But I know you do miss Alice. She's your best friend at the moment (Alice wouldn't agree, but I know she likes you really!). You two get up to so much mischief and it always makes me smile.

Your sleep has improved massively. You sleep through from 7pm to 6am most nights now and nap before lunch for about an hour. You've had quite a few colds, which is probably because your sister is at nursery now, but we get through them. I'm so proud of you.

These are some pictures we took together the other day:


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