Our Night time routine

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Our night time routine starts at 4.30pm with dinner. I start making dinner at about 4pm and it's on the table by half past. It ends at 7pm when Alice is finally asleep. My kids wake up at about 6-6.30am every day and wake ups in the night are pretty rare unless someones ill or has had a nightmare. Here it is!

4.30pm- Dinner time!!! Usually something along the lines of fish fingers, potato and broccoli. Or scrambled egg and beans has become pretty popular. Sometimes but not always followed by pudding!

5pm- Tidy up time!! Mainly consists of my two rascals watching Peppa Pig while I rush about getting the downstairs relatively tidy so I don't have to do it when they are asleep!

5.45pm- I take them upstairs with me and start running the bath. I close their blinds, lay out their pyjamas, get Tommy's bottle of milk ready and watch them muck it all up again. Sigh. (hehe!)

6pm- Bathtime!! - Their favourite time of the day! To save time, I always have them brush their teeth in the bath. I wash Alice's hair 3 times a week.

6.25pm- Thomas's bedtime. I take them both out, wrap them in towels and send Alice into her room to get changed into her pyjamas herself. While she's doing that, I dry Thomas, getting him changed and feed him his milk in his cot. He usually turns away when he's had enough and turns over to go to sleep.

6.45pm- Close Thomas's door and go to Alice's room. I tuck her up in bed and read her a story and then I hold her hand until she falls asleep.

7pm- Both kids asleep.

Thomas can sometimes wake for a dummy early evening, and Alice occasionally wakes from a nightmare but it's not that often and we feel pretty lucky! I love putting them down early to bed as it means we get time in the evening to chill out and eat. They wake at about 6am though, but it's worth the early wake up for the time we get in the evening. Honest!


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