Surviving the Cold Weather with young Children

Friday, February 19, 2016

It's getting so cold, so so cold out! And it's the middle of half term, which means there are probably lots of young children and families cooped up indoors this week! I have a few top tips for surviving these cold days, both indoors and out!

1. Don't be afraid to get outdoors. Even a 20 minute burst of fresh air can really help you to feel instantly better, more alive and full of energy! I find that in the really cold weather, a 20 minute run around for my two little ones can be just as knackering for them as an hours run in the summer! Also, if they don't get at least one trip outdoors they just don't sleep as well!

2. Be prepared with activities. Have spare ingredients for baking, a few toys ready to pull out that the kids haven't seen for a little while or a couple of craft things to do. But, don't do them all at once! Pull them out when things get desperate!

3. Let your standards slip a little! If your kids are going to be indoors all day, it is going to get messy! So let it slide a little and clear up when they go to bed. Otherwise, you'll just spend your day following them about and clearing up their messes!

4. Have all the cold medicines ready to go! Because your children will be fine all day long, until they go to bed. And suddenly the sneezing will start, and the blocked up noses... and you'll be rushing out trying to buy calpol at 7.30pm! So be prepared with everything you might need to combat those colds!

5. I'm sure you know this already, but layer them up if you do go out. Not just a t-shirt and coat. Layers! So a vest, a top, a jumper and a coat. It really does work and when you get back in the car, you can whip off a layer so they don't over heat. It's just... well it's obvious isn't it?

What are your top tips for surviving the cold weather with young children? 


  1. We have a constant battle to get the two girls to wear a coat in this weather!! They're both like 'oh it's not cold we don't need coats' SERIOUSLY, IT'S FREEZING!!!! Haha. xx


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