Kew Gardens

Thursday, March 10, 2016

 On Mother's day we went to Kew Gardens. It was so cold, so we spent a lot of our time in the under cover sections and in the giant indoor soft play! We did however, let the children loose in the daffodils, which were the only outside flowers blooming to be honest. You might notice Tommy isn't wearing shoes, which is because he was asleep when we left and we just... well, forgot that he would wake up! Poor boy. Luckily we now have a pair of shoe for him in the car at all times so never again will be have to run through the mud in his socks... oops!

I love spring. So be prepared for lots and lots and lots of spring posts coming your way soon! Hehe!

Thomas in his little socks... poor boy. We did buy a whole new pack from the gift shop so don't worry, he didn't have muddy feet all day!


  1. Bless him! Thomas really doesn't seem bothered about having no shoes on! ;) xx


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