The Ordinary Moments: An Easter Walk

Sunday, March 27, 2016

We went on an Easter walk yesterday and it was... miserable! I mean, the weather not us. We were pretty darn happy to be honest. Since Dave got his new job, he's been working late more and more, so these extra couple of days we get with him this weekend are just amazing! And we intend to make the most of them, if it rains or not! Haha!

Thomas is at that age. You may have an 18 month old, or are about to, or did... it's that age when sitting still in a buggy becomes impossible, but when you let them out they just run and run and run in a straight line as far as they can until you catch them! There's no telling Thomas to stop, or come back. He just keeps going. And going. And going.

We've had a good Easter so far! We booked our family holiday, which always brightens everything up. So now when I see the rain out the window I just imagine the sun, sea and sand we'll have in a couple of months time!

Hope you're having a lovely Easter too!

(My scarf is from Boden, my coat is from Primark and my jeans are from Topshop. Alice's coat is Mark's and Spencers and her hat is Asos... it used to be mine before she found it for herself!)


  1. Yay for having a good time even if the weather is rubbish! Booking a holiday is always a good mood booster. I love a bank holiday for bonus family time 😊

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous photos as always. And you definitely all look super happy even though the weather is horrid. Happy Easter lovely. x

  3. Aww what lovely pictures, despite the weather! And as I also have an 18 month old who just wants to run and run and run I know exactly what you mean!!


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