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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Ordinary Moments // Garden play

My kids blooming love exploring our crazy, overgrown garden. It was a little cold when I took these photos. I'm so impatient for the weather to warm up! I have to admit, I've spent a fair bit on spring/summer clothing lately and I can't wait to start wearing them! Every time I got to buy a jumper in the sale I think, nah, it's not gonna last long enough. I'll get the t-shirt instead! And now those t-shirts are starting to pile up and the sun is still no where to be seen!

Is it supposed to be a heatwave in London over Easter? I read somewhere it was. Though I also read somewhere else that it might snow. Blooming heck I can't handle the snow right now! It's had enough time to come along and settle. It needs to back off and let spring do it's thing! Right?!!


  1. I too can't wait for spring to hurry up! It has teased us a bit with some sunny days and then along will come another chilly one! Great photo's, I am pleased its not just my daughter that thinks a tutu is for every occasion x

  2. Aw such lovely photos Emma and I agree I CANNOT WAIT for the spring to be here. I sadly heard it is supposed to snow over Easter, I am hoping that is wrong and it is going to be a heatwave. I am so fed up of this miserable weather. x

  3. Aww lovely photos! It's so nice to have a dry day to get out into the garden!

  4. Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a heatwave over Easter! Actually I'll settle for sunny because our Easter tradition is an egg hunt in Grandma and Grandad's garden and while we have waterproofs, soggy eggs just don't taste the same!

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