The Ordinary Moments: Naptime SOS!!

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Aren't they so beautiful when they sleep... I mean. IF they sleep. Do yours sleep? Mine used to. Sigh, I remember those days so well.

You see, Alice was a straight forward napper. She went from lots of naps, to 3 solid naps, down to 2 a day and finally one long one after lunch time which she kept until she was about 23 months old. I never knew I had such an easy napper, and I completely took it for granted. That's what having another child is for I suppose. Reality check.

Up until a few weeks ago Thomas was on 2 naps. He started to drop his morning one, like they do at around 16 months, and so I cut it out so he could have one solid nap a day. Of course, he doesn't seem to want that one nap a day at all. He slept well for about a week, until he decided he was ready for no naps at all in the day.

I've tried everything. And the thing is, all signs point to the view that he may indeed be ready for no naps. He's not overly tired in the afternoons. He doesn't drift off during dinner, or on the nursery run. His night time sleep is good! He's a pretty solid sleep through from 7pm to about half 6 the next morning. He wakes up happy. I mean... COME ON!

Because although he might be ready to drop his one and only nap, I'm not sure I am! Eek!

So, my days have suddenly become a lot more full, noisy and hectic. But I'll adapt. I mean, I will right? I have to? Does it get easier? I can't remember...

Why won't he nap! Argh!!!!



  1. My little one is three months old now and she hardly naps anymore. She must be saving them up so she can sleep through the night haha. She may have a couple of 30 minute snoozes here and there but she prefers to be awake and to play during the day instead x


  2. Aw! Gah! They sure are cute when they sleep. And your boy is no exception! He's a wee pet! x

  3. They are adorable when they're sleeping, I love checking on my two year old and watching her sleep! She's always been a great sleeper and napper, we got a good one I guess! I figure after reading your post that I'll be punished next time around though!! I hope it gets easier for you xx

  4. This is the one thing I dread the most. I am quite a laid back parent but I am super strict about naps. My eldest napped until 4 (hehe) and my youngest is 3 and still naps at the moment. I am really scared that this new baby will be a terror as I just need my nap time routine. ;) Good luck to you- sending chocolate and coffee vibes for your new adjustment. ;)

  5. Oh no I totally feel for you. I absolutely NEED nap time. The second one seems to be there for a reality check for me too!! I personally found my youngest ( 13 months) was much better napping 11.30 rather than 12.30, made a huge difference to her settling so I go with it. Good luck - sending nap vibes your way X


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