Saturday, March 26, 2016

Title: The Perfect Gift For Dad Father's Day is just around the corner, and that means it's about time to start looking for that perfect gift for dad! Whether you're helping the little ones to pick out something for their father or you're getting a special something for your husband, it's a great time to find an item he really needs or will really enjoy. After all, this is the time to show how much you appreciate all he does as a dad!

The best gifts are always personal, so it may be that in the end you'll come up with something very specific to your family. But in the meantime, here are a few suggestions for the perfect gift for dad this summer.

Fancy Shaving Equipment

If you look around online you'll see various shaving kits recommended for dads, as well as some of the trendy subscription options that send out equipment and fresh blades on a regular basis. These can be particularly fun gifts for the kids to sign their names on, as a lot of children tend to have an amusing fascination with their daddys' shaving efforts. This site can give you some ideas for a gift in this category, because it provides a range of high-end shaving equipment from special razors to full shaving kits.

New Shirts For Summer

Sticking with grooming, or at least with dad's appearance, a man can never have too many shirts for the summer! It may not seem like the most exciting gift, but as you probably know it can be hard for parents to do much fashion-related shopping with all they've got going on, so he might really appreciate a few nice new shirts. Here you'll find some nice inspiration for summer styles including gauze shirts and lightweight, colourful polos ideal for the warmer temperatures. Something along these lines can make a fine Father's Day gift.

A Fitness Band

Just as fashion shopping can be tough to fit in for a busy parent, fitness routines often fall by the wayside. But that doesn't mean dad doesn't want to stay fit! A lot of people these days are finding new motivation to do just that by wearing fitness bands that track their activity and measure different elements of their overall health. Jawbone, FitBit, and Nike Fuelband are all popular options, though of course if you really want to go above and beyond, an Apple Watch is a very trendy gift right now.

A Grilling Book

Whether the father in your life is a five-star chef or someone who'd prefer to microwave a dinner, odds are he likes to grill. Most men simply like the idea of cooking up some meat on an open flame, and though many have their own recipes and habits they like to stick to, it never hurts to find some more inspiration! This list of wonderful Father's Day gifts includes a couple of different grilling cookbooks that can give you a good idea of what he might really appreciate.

Family Photos

A sentimental gift is always a nice way to go, and there are fun and creative ways to go about it that go beyond simply putting a picture in a frame. For instance, this company will print an existing photo onto a sort of wooden canvas, which really makes it more of a special possession than a simple framed photo. Something like that shows thoughtfulness and advanced planning, and the dad in your life will likely cherish the result as a favourite photo for years to come.

Sporting Event Tickets

While it's certainly not always the case, it's not uncommon for dad to be the biggest sports fan in the family. And given that, he's probably used to being the one to suggest an outing to a nearby stadium or something of the like. So why not surprise him by flipping the script? Tickets to an upcoming match for a favourite sport or club can be a wonderful gift both at the time you present them and when they come back around as a family outing in the near future.

These are just a few ideas, and as mentioned the best gifts are often the more personal ones specific to your family. But hopefully this has given you a little bit of a spark as you look ahead to Father's Day in June!


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