What Happens When YOU get Ill?

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

As I write this, my two children are slowly destroying the house after eating far too much sugar in the form of weetos cereal for lunch. Why? Because I am feeling poorly, and it was the only thing I could find for them to eat. Because that's the thing, there are no sick days when you are a mum! It all just carries on as normal, and you have to carry on as best you can. That might mean sitting back for a little longer than you should and letting the house become a state. It might mean making  cereal for lunch because the smell of tuna sandwiches makes you need to run for the loo again! And it definitely means letting everything, including bath time, slide for a little bit.

If you're lucky, like me, then you might have a partner who is able to come home from work a little earlier to put the kids to bed. And you might have a parent round the corner who can pick your little girl up from nursery once of twice in the week. But it's unlikely you will have someone who will be able to completely take over every chore you have so that you can sleep (unless you're really really ill of course!).

But, in a weird kind of way, it makes me really quite happy to see the place fall apart over these last couple of days. Because I suddenly realise how much I am needed. I think as a stay at home mum, I so sometimes feel a little inadequate to people who work for a living. Because I feel like I'm not contributing very much to my family financially. And you know, money makes the world go round! But actually, I am contributing. Because without blowing my own trumpet (well, maybe a little bit), things don't run as smoothly without me!

The kids run riot without any sort of structure in their day. They get up to more mischief and generally cause chaos round every corner. The washing hasn't been done. The sides haven't been properly wiped down. The bath definitely has not been cleaned. The bedrooms are a bit of a mess. Alice went to nursery with cereal stains down her uniform and toothpaste on her cheek! I mean, I'm surprised anyone is still breathing around here!!

Right now I need to rest. I'm no good to anyone when I'm ill, and I'm not going to get better by pushing myself to do everything all at once. But I can't wait for this blooming cold to go so I can get back to being... well. Supermum!!

Because that's what I am! Supermum. And my family needs me. And I couldn't be happier about that!



  1. This is so true! We are supermums!! :)

    One of my hardest experiences to date is when hubby and I were BOTH ill with food poisoning. Thankfully the toddler was fine but it made for a really tough few days. Hooray for Cbeebies.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Oh no! The only time Dave and I have both been unwell is when we've both had too much to drink the night before! And I really can't complain about that one! ;) xx

  2. I hope you feel better soon....
    At the moment my fella and I are both ill with the flu. The house is a mess but the kids are fed and happy. Ugh! lol.

    1. Oh no, poor you! But well done for keeping the kids fed and happy! Go supermum! xx

  3. This is so true! When we are ill.. it does all carry on as normal. I've there and literally gave my 2yr old anything he asked for even if it was mostly sugar! because when your ill and have no energy its so hard to maintain normal routine but you have to. And sugar might not be great but its better than starving them haha x



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