A Slow Saturday

Monday, April 04, 2016

I've been so ill with tonsillitis, so this Saturday was all about having a nice lazy day so I could catch up on some well needed rest. Being ill and having two children to run around after all day is the worst! But I do feel pretty proud to have got through it. I feel much better now, but that Saturday really helped. Smoothies have become a massive part of my diet recently, I'm obsessed with them! I had quite a few when I was ill as it was the only thing I could swallow without it hurting my throat too much. The one above is made with banana, strawberry, almond milk and pumpkin seeds.

 We're loving the sky kids app right now!

 They had both spotted a lady bird and were seriously fascinated! 
 Those curls! Is it wrong that I have serious hair envy over my daughters hair? 

Who else is loving the extra daylight after the kids are in bed? It's the best!


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