Friday, April 08, 2016

We went to Brighton at the weekend for the day. It's only an hour from where we live, and as the weather was pretty nice we thought we'd give the kids a day at the seaside! Of course Thomas was terrified of the sea! I didn't see that one coming, so he took a little time to get used to the crashing of the waves.

After a little while he loved it though, and was running around with Alice, picking up the stones. The stones were everywhere. Literally. In the buggy, in my hair, in his nappy! Stones are kind of his favourite thing right now.

I'm remembering to update my blog these days, and I have to say i love reading back the entries and having this lovely online diary to look back on!

Here he is, not too sure of the sea. It was pretty loud to be fair.. bless him! 

Stones everywhere! 


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