Headley Heath

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Last weekend we took a long Sunday walk in Headley Heath, Surrey. We left the house at 9am and it felt so good to get out of the house and be active as a family. Our Sundays usually consist of chilling out at home and doing nothing all day, which we're fine with, honest! But it was nice to have a change of scenery and do something different. Especially now the weather is finally beginning to get better! 

We absolutely wore them out and Thomas slept in the car the whole way home. I've never seen them eat so much of their dinners and they were in bed asleep by 6.30! So getting out early definitely has it's advantages, hehe! I'm not gonna lie, I do like our long lazy Sundays. But maybe every once in a while we can have a nice long walk, and an evening alone watching Netflix! Haha!


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