March- 2016 // The Ordinary Moments

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I'm cheating a little this month! Oops! For my Ordinary Moments post, I'm sharing my monthly montage video from March! It's a little video full of random little video clips we took in March, and I just love it. I have made a few videos from our days out, but these clips are the little left over ones that were just sitting on my computer! So sorry for the cheat. Better get photographing for next week ah? ;)



  1. I love those monthly montage videos, I think they will be so lovely to look back on in years to come. You all look so happy in all the clips. Just gorgeous. I am at that stage in pregnancy where I am so lazy and I haven't picked up my camera for ages- I must this week! x

  2. This is lovely! Looks like you've had a fun March with lots of sunshine.


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