The Farm Shop

Monday, April 25, 2016

These photos were all taken on my iPhone, so excuse the terrible quality! I just happened to snap quite a few at the Farm Shop and decided to make a little post out of it.

Recently I've really been focussed on making healthy, delicious family meals. It's really helped me to focus on eating a good amount every day and on staying healthy which is so important to me. I have to admit, I go through phases where I just find cooking meals so boring, and opt for a ready meal or takeaway instead. It was a habit I was desperate to get over, so I have been working really hard on making cooking fun!

I find with the sun now staying out long after the children are asleep, standing in the kitchen with the radio on has become something I really look forward to! I used to come down and switch the TV on straight away and wait for Dave to get home before making dinner. Planning meals in advance has helped too, as I know for sure I will have all the ingredients needed  in front of me. But the best thing, has been changing up our weekly shop. I order the bulk of it from Tesco online, but on Saturday mornings, we drive over to our local Farm Shop to pick up some fresh ingredients. And we've also picked up things we wouldn't have even thought of trying before! I mean, I'd never have found yogurt coated peanuts if we hadn't rooted around the Farm Shop!

I can't wait for the pick your own season to start next month as I think we'll be there every week!

Oh, and if anyone knows any recipes that includes edible flowers, I'd love the excuse to pick them up next time!!

Kale, sweet potato chips, mushroom and couscous! 


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