The Ordinary Moments // Flying a kite

Sunday, April 03, 2016

It was super windy on Sunday last week. So we decided it would be the perfect time to fly our kite! However, as not very experienced kite flyers, we weren't entirely sure what we were doing. My kids lost the instructions for how to tie the kite together (obviously...), so we sort of tied the string together and hoped for the best. Of course, the kite never made it higher than my elbow! No matter how hard we tried to get it to fly up high, it just wouldn't.

Alice blooming loved it anyway. She thought it was brilliant running along with a piece of string. So we'll be going back and trying our kite flying again one day soon. As soon as we find those darn instructions! Haha!


  1. How fab! I used to love flying my kite when I was younger. You have inspired me to buy one and take my girls kite flying. It looks so much fun x

  2. Aw such cute photos lovely and that is a very lovely kite. I used to fly a kite with my Dad but haven't done it since I have been a child so I am afraid I would have no clue what to do! x

  3. Some lovely photos, we haven't used a kite with J but I'm sure she would be tearing up the fields! x

  4. What a lovely video! It looks like you all had fun, even though the kite refused to cooperate!


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