The Ordinary Moments // iPhone Throwbacks

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I thought I would use this weeks ordinary moments post as a bit of an excuse to clear out my iPhone and post a few of my favourites! I'm so bad at deleting old photos and end up storing hundreds and hundreds of them and having no space left for anymore!

The ones I've posted are not pretty enough to print out (I'd only keep them in a drawer and they would get lost or discoloured) but too precious to simply delete, so I've posted them instead! Each one brings back so many memories!
Thomas practising his yoga before nap time!
She loves having her nails painted and we got some little nail stickers from a barbie magazine, which made her day! 
The sea of daffodils we pass on the way to nursery. They're all gone now, sadly :( 
First day this year it was warm enough to play outside without a coat! Unfortunately it turned cold again shortly after! 
I love it when they play nicely together!! Rare, but nice when they do! Hehe!
When Thomas decided to sit down in the biggest muddy puddle in the world and I didn't have any spare clothes. I blame Peppa! 
 These tulips have all bloomed in our unkept garden! 
Love this little area, the lighting here is amazing! 
The state of my bathroom after bath time! 
Poor old dad. The kids miss him so much they literally don't give him a second to himself at weekends! Still... more time for mummy to relax with a cuppa! Hehe! 


  1. These are cute! Alice with her nail varnish is adorable! Our youngest ALWAYS insists on having her nails painted right before bed... Pretty sure I never tried that delay tactic when I was 5 ;) haha xx


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