The Ordinary Moments // A lazy Saturday

Sunday, April 17, 2016

This is usually how Saturday mornings go down in this house! Staying in our pyjamas for way too long. Slouching on the sofa in front of the TV and laptop. Drinking too much tea. I mean, what more could you want on a Saturday morning?! No nursery run, no train to catch. Just sitting around, doing nothing.

I've just put the kids to bed, and it's only 6.30pm as I write this! So now, mum and dad are going to have a long quiet evening doing nothing as well! How lucky are we ;)

 Alice not happy with Tommy trying to steal her iPad!! 
Boy does he need a haircut! Haha! 


  1. This is exactly what our Sunday mornings are like. Saturday we usually get up and do something, even if it is just a quick trip to the supermarket or something equally thrilling as that. But on Sunday Mr E usually goes off on a nice long bike ride so the girls and I stay in our pjs, watch the iPad and generally chill out. I love them. x

  2. These are the best kind of mornings, we have swimming lessons late on Saturday morning. But we enjoy nice slow start to the day. Fab photos x


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