Throw Back Thursday- Tea Parties

Thursday, April 07, 2016

I remember this day so well. It wasn't particularly exciting or different, but I remember it. I guess that's the beauty of taking so many photos, all the memories that would otherwise be forgotten are just preserved in an image forever!

Alice had woken early. Way way before 7am. But it was summer, and the sun was already up, which tends to make early mornings easier to handle. I used to put that duvet out on the floor, because we couldn't afford to buy a rug! We sat for ages just playing with the toys and reading books until it was time for breakfast and to start the day.

I actually remember wishing for a time when she would sleep in later. Wishing for her to be a bit bigger so she could occupy herself. Wishing for a sibling for her so she would have someone else to play with. And now... now I blooming miss her being this age. I look back on this with such fondness, such amazing memories, and I just realise how lucky I was without fully appreciating it at the time. I mean, it's easier to think that looking back. Easier to say you shouldn't wish the time away when you don't have a young baby who wakes at 5am every morning.

This is why pictures are so precious. And they really do tell a story.


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