Tips for Travelling with Young Children

Thursday, April 14, 2016

We're going away next month on a 4 and a half hour plane journey. I know people do this all the time with young children, but with one extremely  active baby and a little girl who needs the toilet every 30 seconds, this is a big challenge for us! We have travelled as a family on long distances a few times and so I thought I would share a few little tips we have learned along the way. Feel free to add your own in the comments! 

1. Plan your journey and add on extra time! If we're driving a long way, we make sure we make time for stops, both planned and spontaneous. Make sure you leave in plenty of time, rushing with young children is not fun! 

2. Snacks snacks and snacks. Theres no easier way to settle your children down for a bit than pulling out a cheeky packet of crisps on the journey! Drinks are always good too!

3. Time it over nap time. We've booked the plane for Thomas's nap time, in the hope he might fall asleep! If not, it's also over lunch time, so perfect for food distraction techniques! Hehe! 

4. Book a family friendly place to stay. There is nothing worse than getting to your hotel or villa and realising there is no cot, no stair gate, no highchair etc... So make sure it's family friendly before you get there. Check out the Tots to travel villas for inspiration! 

5. Hire a buggy! Did you know that you can hire a buggy at most UK airports and lots of hotels too! No need to worry about dragging the buggy through customs anymore. Such an amazing idea, and it's made life much easier for us!

If you have anymore tips for travelling with young children, I would love to hear them! We are definitely stressing over our long flight. Tell me it's easy! Haha! 

This post was in collaboration with tots to travel. Check out their website for amazing family friendly villas! 


  1. Great tips! We're off on a 4 hour flight with a 9 month old and a potty training 2 year old.. help! haha xx

  2. If we do long distance we always take the tablet and put movies on it for them! It keeps them distracted for a while... Until the arguments start over who gets to choose the film ;) xx


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