A blossom picnic

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Yesterday we had to take the kids shopping for last minute holiday things. And boy did they not like that! They threw massive tantrums, moaned about being bored and we almost lost the plot a few times. So once we were done we bought some food for a picnic (and a bottle of prosecco for later!) and drove over to Bushy Park for a well deserved picnic. I found the most beautiful blossom tree ever, and we plonked ourselves down in the sun and let the kids eat cake! 

It was honestly one of the best picnics ever. I think it's because it was so needed after forcing everyone around the busy shops on a Saturday morning. Also, those little afternoon tea cakes I found in M&S were pretty special!! Though Alice wasn't quite so sure about them. It's chocolate sponge and icing or nothing for her. Forget the raspberries and meringue! 

Why doesn't the blossom just stay all summer. Seriously, look at it! 


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