A few more from Fuerteventura

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Here's a few more from our holiday to Fuertuventura. It's actually the last post, as I didn't take that many pictures really! I honestly just spent the holiday enjoying every moment and taking a break from social media, which was so nice. But of course, photography is a massive love of mine, so I couldn't keep the camera down the whole time! 

 Our first morning! Alice dressed herself and we look relatively awake! We were knackered by the end of the week!! 

 The beach! I love my asos bikini as it hides all my tummy stretch marks nicely! Big fan of the 1960's  style swimwear these days... 
 Our view from our hotel balcony!

 Looking a bit more knackered here! Haha! All that swimming took it out of us...

 This one makes me laugh so hard!


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