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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bingo and my Bump Diaries

Bingo and my bump diaries!

Being a woman are you worried about how to deal with pregnancy and motherhood post marriage? Well, such a worry or fear is very normal for all women on earth as they often get scared on how to handle properly and take care of a small delicate baby.

Personally I being a mother of a one year old daughter, found that the phase of motherhood though being painful is entertaining too if you maintain a right balance between work and fun.

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your child growing happily with your nurture and care. The journey starts with pregnancy and bump diaries where you get the jitter of nerves. Nausea, mood swings, fatigue, etc- what not a pregnant woman has to go through!

But what can keep a would-be mother calm and relaxed inspite of feeling a roller coaster ride within her are things which she loves to do. She can involve in some indoor recreational activities or nurture her passion at homely comforts to keep herself entertained.

During my pregnancy days, I used to get a lot of worrying dreams specially while sleeping at night. A fear is always there at the sub conscious mind of a would-be mom on how her child would be born, whether he or she would be healthy or not and several other such endless thoughts.

Inspite of going through those endless worries what kept me confident, hopeful and positive is the strong support from my family especially my husband for 24/7. Talking about the activities that made me feel good include a big list.

Some of them worth mentioning include watching my favourite TV program, listening to my list of favourite songs, availing a beauty therapy at home, chit-chatting with my close buddies and similar others.

But among all of them, what I found as the best form of entertainment and relaxation was indulging in a game of online bingo. Yes, you got me absolutely right! A super exciting game of bingo coupled with unlimited perks never fail to keep your motherly anxiety miles away from your mind.

Register on the incredible site now to experience the grandeur of the world of online bingo! Play, win and happily socialize with other players on the same platform- make a new friend today!    

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