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Friday, May 13, 2016

Guest Post // Medapti!

I get asked to promote a lot of products and turn down a lot of them as, honestly, I just don't feel passionate about them! But when Dora, a mum of two got in touch about her oral syringe adaptor product, I knew I had to share it with you guys. Because she has found a solution to the problem I have had for years: how to safely give your baby medicine without trying to squeeze it down their throats in the hope they don't choke!

I remember so incredibly well, the day Alice choked on calpol. She was only about a year old, and was teething. Up until then, teething gel had done the job, but on this occasion she was in a lot more pain. We bought a bottle of calpol which came with one of those long syringes which you suck the medicine up into and then squirt into your child's mouth. Of course, Alice was having non of it and would barely open her mouth enough to get the syringe in. In our sleep deprived, worried state, we managed to get it in and squirt it into her mouth, after which she inevitably chocked. Calpol, as you know, is a sticky, thick consistency and we both panicked as she coughed it up, clearing her airway. I have to say, it was so scary and something we still look back on and shudder in fear at how much worse that could have been.

This is exactly the problem Dora faced with her two children when they were babies, which is when she came up with the idea of MEDAPTI. The product is an oral syringe adaptor, which most importantly, directs medicine towards the babies cheek to prevent choking. It's soft enough for gums and teeth and is designed to be used with one hand, leaving your other free to hold your child or distract them with a cuddly toy!

Dora says: "It has been just over three years since I first thought of MEDAPTI and what an exciting journey it has been! Learning about patents, design, manufacturing and so many other things! I have to say, juggling between a day job, kids and MEDAPTI project isn’t easy and we have to make sacrifices as a family but I hope it is all worth it. Luckily, I had a lot of support from my family and friends with my two boys, 4 and 6 years old, being my biggest supporters and valuable advisers ☺ I would love to take them to a supermarket one day and show them MEDAPTI on one of the shelves! They would be so thrilled!" 

Dora really needs your support to make this product a reality! She has entered the VOOM 2016 competition which, if she gets enough votes gives her a chance to pitch her product to Richard Branson. She's also running her own crowdfunding campaign to pay for the tooling and produce the first batch of products.

So do consider voting and pledging for Dora and her product here:
When you click on the link, you will find Vote or Pledge buttons. When you click on them, it takes you to a Sign Up/Log In page. All you need to do is tick 'I'd like to vote' and three boxes below and click one of the options to Sign in using either your facebook or linkedin account. You are then good to vote/pledge.

So please give Dora a little vote, and consider investing in her product!

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