Sun sun sun!

Friday, May 27, 2016

I'm not going to flood the blog with too many holiday snaps. I promise ;) These are from our first few days on holiday in Fuerteventura! The kids were brilliant on the 4 and a half hour flight, I couldn't believe our luck. We had colouring books, iPads, toys, snacks... but in the end they were just fascinated at the clouds outside the window. Haha! Little things huh?

The resort was amazing, with 3 different children's pools to choose from. We booked through Thomson, and they were amazingly organised so we could just relax and focus on the kids! I still can't get over that blue sea in the top picture. That beach went on forever!

All the children want to do was swim, swim, swim! We have some serious little water babies on our hands. If anything, they are too confident in the water (neither of them can actually swim!), so we were always really exhausted when we came out of the pool with them! I got a lot of early nights to be honest!

As always, here's some more pictures from our trip:
 That boy was obsessed with his shadow! Haha!

 When Thomas was still  little weary of the sea. He soon got over that fear!
 Sleeping baby at the beach! Have you ver seen anything so cute? 
 Water baby! Had to have his dummy with him for comfort though. We ended up losing it somewhere in the pool :S 

 The resort was covered in brightly coloured flowers. Alice kept saying "mummy loves flowers. Mummy loves all these flowers here!" 
 I don't know why we bothered buying Thomas shoes... he was barefoot pretty much the entire week! 

 Love his little Jasper Conran shirt!

 The free ice cream was definitely the kids favourite part of the holiday! Haha!


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