The Weekend

Monday, May 09, 2016

One word. HOT. Oh hello warm, summery weather! There you are, at last, and boy did you give us a scorcher. It was so hot this weekend we cancelled our plans for going out and stayed at home in the garden instead. Two young children in a hot car, getting out in 27 degree blazing sunshine is not my idea of a fun day out! So we stayed home, only popping out once early Saturday morning to stock up on ice cream and fresh fruit (why does fruit always taste so much better when it's hot?)

I started to sort out our garden, pulling up the weeds that were killing those beautiful flowering bushes and shrubs. I think we are going to turf the front of our garden so the kids have a nice area to run and play in, and then keep the rest of it full of flowers and secret paths. I'll do a little video on our garden soon to show you what I mean!

Other than that it was a nice slow weekend. The best kind I guess. We are packing for our holiday this week and this little burst of warmer weather has made me SO excited for that big pool and sandy beach!!


  1. Ah lovely photos. The weather was gorgeous wasn't it? Hope you have a lovely holiday! xx


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