The White Flowers

Monday, May 02, 2016

I found this massive white flowery bush at the park on Saturday and had to get some snaps there. This is one of my favourite times of year. Everyone seems to be so much happier in the lead up to summer. The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are all out and when that sun peeks through the clouds, it's just magic. My favourite place to be when it's sunny, is walking through the woods, when the light bounces off all the leaves and highlights the prettiest streams and flowers you would never have looked at twice in the winter months! 

We are in countdown mode till our holiday, which honestly could not come soon enough. I'm so excited to get on that plane and step foot on that warm sandy beach. With everything going on with Alice's school (we didn't get a place for September) I really feel like we all need a break to just relax and enjoy being a family and having some fun! 


  1. Those flowers are beautiful, you are so lucky to live near so many pretty parks. Sorry to hear Alice didn't get the school you wanted. It's such a pain. We had the same problem when we moved to the town we live in now. Two schools in walking distance but one given miles away. In the end it worked out for us and we got first choice, but have you tried church of england schools? Might be worth looking into as they dont work with the council and school placements. They decide themselves. Its what we did and they got in immediately. Typically within 2 weeks a space opened in our first choice school but it would have been a lifesaver otherwise.


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