A Muddy Walk for a Clearer head

Sunday, June 26, 2016

With all this political talk and fear mongering going on recently, I really felt like we needed to take some time out and clear our heads. I always find that spending time outdoors, especially in woodland or pretty parks, always helps to clear my head and remind me of whats important in life. Family, friends, each other. Seeing my kids run about and explore interesting looking sticks and snails just makes me feel so happy!

I took way too many pictures, as always!

 I can't believe how big she's getting!!

 His hair is so blonde, it's adorable!

 I love these trees!
 Interesting tracks in the mud! Haha!
 Both eyeing up the massive muddy puddle we told them not to jump in! 

 Waiting for me to finish taking pictures because I take way too long! Hehe!


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