And then it got cold again...

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Oh hello typical British summer! I wondered where you'd gone? Of course, the weather turned over the weekend and became cold, dark and damp. Which meant one thing... we were going out in our wellies anyway! We love getting out, I'm sure you've gathered that if you read my blog regularly, and no amount of cold weather has ever stopped us.

A couple of things to note: Thomas has become really attached to his dummy after our holiday. I think it's his new comforter which is both great (because it calms him down in a second) and not so great (because I now have to wean him off it. Secondly, thank you to Hunter wellies for sending us these gorgeous blue boots. We lost Tommy's old ones (which were Alice's old ones...) in Sainsuburys after a particularly stressful shop! And thirdly, do go check out my YouTube channel because this girl has been videoing pretty well recently. Ok, more pictures below:


  1. Gorgeous photos. This weather is so annoying. Our whole half term has been rainy and cold, it is so depressing, although my timeline has been full of people with sunshine. I hope it starts getting sunny soon. I bet it is even worse after being on holiday though! x

  2. It's been crazy this half term hasn't it - we've lurched from so cold we gave the heating a quick blast to a scorching day today that had my car thermometer hitting 29! Oh well, as long as it's today that's the promise of things to come I think we can cope and if not, we, like you, have heavily invested in waterproofs over the years!!


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