Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's day Dave! I am so thankful for your level of dedication and patience as a father, and you're ability to always see the funny side of things. I love how you still get down on the floor and play with them, even when you're tired from work. I love how you look forward to being able to read to Alice before bed at weekends, and how you get up early with them every day before your long day at work, just to make sure they've seen you that day!

And to my own father, happy father's day! Thank you for always making my brother and I and our children your priority. You are always there for us whenever we need you. Even when our power goes off in our house and Dave isn't home from work and I don't know where the fuse box is! Haha!

And to all the father's and father's to be out there, happy happy father's day. Whether you're out playing golf, or home with the kids today... have a good one xx


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