Kew in Summer

Monday, June 06, 2016

We went to Kew Gardens on Saturday morning. I love it there. I love how much it changes with the seasons. I think last time we went, the blossom trees were all out and it was freezing cold! Haha! We spent most of our time indoors and spend a ridiculous amount on lunch and hot chocolates.

This time, it was fairly warm. We made it all the way over to the treetop trail, which was amazing. The kids loved it, although it is incredibly high up! I dressed Alice in a beautiful dress we have from M&S, and she added these pretty crazy floral leggings and pink boots which didn't go one bit, but made me smile. I love how kids just want to wear stuff they like and don't care about what anyone else thinks!

Also, I did not realise how much I need to get my roots done... eek!!


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