My go-to ideas for rainy days indoors

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ah, I know. Rainy days can be so so hard with little kids. You can't get out, they can't stretch their legs properly and being cooped up indoors all day is hard work! So here are some of my go-to ideas for rainy days indoors with young children! 

Arts and crafts! Literally, anything. My kids love to do sticking and painting and drawing and just make a bit of a mess really! Alice is practising her scissor technique and Thomas is quite happy sorting different coloured buttons into jars!

Reading. My two love getting all the books out and having me read them all in turn. It can get a bit tiresome, but it's a good trick for calming them down ready for bed or dinner! 

Baking. Alice loves making cakes and biscuits. Check out my Youtube Channel for more baking ideas! 
 Dance parties! Put on the Frozen soundtrack and watch your kids get all their wiggles out! Joining in is optional!

 Play doh! Pretty self explanatory. I always try to keep a few tubs in good condition and whip them on in the afternoon on a rainy day!

Hope these helped! Where are you summer?!!! 


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