The Farm

Monday, June 27, 2016

After a wet and windy start to the day, the sun eventually came out and we managed to go to the farm! We used to come here so much with Alice, but it was Thomas's first ever time. He absolutely loved the chickens, he was obsessed with them. The kids and I were trying to convince Dave to let us have some in the back garden, but he was having non of it! Haha! 

I'd like to spend some more time in the countryside this year. I love London, but I do feel like we need the freedom and freshness of the countryside these days. My kids are obsessed with being outdoors and exploring nature, and I love the peacefulness of it all! In fact, I think we should go camping! 

As always, here's a million pictures! Hehe!

 Obsessed with those chickens! 

 His little face! So proud of himself for climbing up onto the wooden tractor with his big sister!


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