To all the single mums...

Monday, June 13, 2016

Dave is away at the moment, so it's just the kids and I! He left Friday night and isn't back until Wednesday! As it happens, my parents are also away this week, so I have no back up support either. Let me tell you something... it's not easy.

I once put up a video about feeling like a single mum sometimes because of Daves long hours at work. However, I was totally wrong about it. Because now that everybody really has gone away and I'm alone day and night, I realise how hard single parenthood must be! And lonely. Incredibly, undeniably lonely. With no job, the only adult conversation I have is from the mums outside nursery! And thats if we're not late!

I find myself simply muddling through. Between trying to keep the house tidy, the washing up to date, the kids fed and separating fights, there isn't much time for anything else. I'm losing my temper more, getting stressed, snapping. Thomas has been waking every night for some reason, so I haven't been getting great sleep. Plus, they are both awake before 6 every day!

I think I'm slowly settling into it. I managed to finish a cup of coffee yesterday afternoon! But its not easy, and it's tiring. And I feel like I'm just... complaining and feeling sorry for myself all the time. Which is so draining, because I love being a mum so much! I love the chaos, the little moments, even the fights I have to break up! I just can't do it alone. I really can't.

So although I like to think I do this parenting thing all by myself, I really don't. Dave and I really are a team! I think these last few days have made me appreciate him so much more!

To all the single mums out there, you are freaking amazing!


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