When Your Kids Become Friends...

Friday, June 03, 2016

For a long time, Alice and Thomas didn't really have much to do with each other! Haha, that sounds terrible. But it was all about me really. Both of them wanted to be with me and have me all to themselves. They sort of knew of each other, but weren't really interested in what each other was up to. Until a few weeks back. I can't quite pin point the moment when they connected, but I do know they they are well and truly friends now. And it's amazing.

They play together. Not just next to each other, but together. Hearing Alice and Thomas laughing together, being silly and playing together is the best feeling ever. It really does make me quite emotional sometimes! They are comforted by each others company too, which is great for me as I can run up to the loo without the both screaming at me (well... sometimes anyway!).

Of course, they fight sometimes. But it's usually Alice getting annoyed at little Tom when he won't go where she wants to go, or play the game right! I often have to explain that he's too little to understand. The other day I found Alice painting pink lipstick all over his face. It's from her frozen make up kit, and it was the first time she allowed him to have some! He was sat so still and perfectly, just thrilled to be allowed to play with her special toy, and it was so lovely to watch. Even if he did end up with lipstick in his hair! Haha!

I hope they continue to be friends. However much they fight and bicker, theres nothing quite like sibling friendship is there?


  1. I'm pretty sure they'll be as thick as thieves and you'll have nothing to worry about! xx

  2. Aww! It is so lovely when siblings are the best of friends...
    My girls are older and sometimes fight like cats and dogs but then they make up and are as thick as thieves x


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